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Oxygen (O2) is a readily available element used in a number of recipes within the BioChem and Gene Design Labs. While it cannot be directly extracted like most other materials with your Matter Manipulator or Mining Laser, you can obtain copious amounts by running one of several different materials through the Extraction Lab. You can also put water in a hand mill to get oxygen.

Oxygen can also be obtained by using an Atmospheric Condenser, a special machine designed to extract useful elements and components right out of the atmosphere of the planet it's placed upon.


Oxygen can be obtained by extracting the following materials:

Source Output
Flower Bee x 1 1
Pus x 1 1
Blood x 1 1
Slime Blob x 1 1 (and 1 Hydrogen)
Energy Wood x 5 3
Vine x 50 1 (and 2 Plant Fibre)
Water x 10 1 (and 1 Salt, 1 Hydrogen)
Swamp Water x 10 1 (and 1 Salt, 1 Hydrogen)
Jungle Dirt x 50 1 (and 2 Nitrogen)
Plant Matter Block x 50 1 (and 3 Mulch)
Swamp Dirt x 50 1 (and 2 Nutrient Paste)
Plant Block x 50 1 (and 3 Tissue Culture)
Sapling x 1 1 (and 3 Tissue Culture)
Bioluminescent Spores 1 (and one Mushroom)


itemName : fu_oxygen