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Penumbra planets have absolutely no sunlight, and this is their defining characteristic. The surface is often covered in a bit of a humid mist, with a strong plethora of plant and animal life. Trees comprised of energy wood can also be found on the surface and will yield Penumbrite when put into an Extractor. The main means of obtaining Penumbrite however is to dig underground, the same depth as most vanilla ores, and look for glowing blue ore. Warning! These worlds contain weather and/or biodiversity that may cause psionic collapse. Proceed with caution on these ancient planets.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

These worlds are very dark, but often lit up with bioluminescent plant life. However, bringing a flashlight or torches is recommended. The surface is often comprised of void dirt, a dark and easily-mined substance that proves useful when extracted from. It's also common to find black tar here, both on the surface and underground; unfortunately, toxic black slime is usually found in massive, elongated veins. A hemotoxin, this substance is NOT to be underestimated.

These planets are almost oppressively dark, and can often be identified on the star map just by looking for planets using black and other dark colors.

They have been seen to commonly orbit dark stars but they can spawn anywhere, orbiting any star.

Codex description[edit | edit source]

Sunlight rarely penetrates penumbral atmospheres. Rich sources of Penumbrite Ore detected.

Penumbra planets have a unique makeup that blocks light but not UV. They are the sole source of Penumbrite Ore.

Dark, but with plenty of bioluminescent fauna, penumbra worlds are the only known viable source of Penumbrite.

Music Tracks[edit | edit source]

Vanilla Music[edit | edit source]

Day and Night
Lava Exploration 1
Crystal Exploration 1
Crystal Exploration 2
Accretion Disc
Arctic Exploration 1
Forsaken Grotto
Tranquility Base

Frackin' Music[edit | edit source]

Day Night Underground Day Underground Night
Gagool Metaphysik Claudius The Survivor
Dark Dance Air Prelude Dark Fog Stranger
Claudius The Survivor Dark Secrets Penumbra
Dark Fog Metroid Maridia Darkness is Coming Return of Lazarus
Dark Secrets Stranger Evening of Chaos Quinns Song First Night
Darkness is Coming Penumbra I Killed God Dark Temple
Evening of Chaos Return of Lazarus Logical Defiance Evening of Chaos
I Killed God Quinns Song First Night Masquerade Machine
Logical Defiance Dark Temple Peer Gynt - Anitras Dream Night of Chaos
Masquerade Evening of Chaos Proto Orion 300xb
Peer Gynt - Anitras Dream Machine They Came From Nowhere Proto Surface
Proto Night of Chaos Through the Dark Portal
They Came From Nowhere Orion 300xb Thunder Dreams
Through the Dark Portal Villainous Tower
Thunder Dreams Stop and Stare
Savage End of Days
Day of Ruin Dilate
Proto Surface
Simply Not There

Sub Biomes[edit | edit source]

Space Surface Underground Core
Elder Core Infested Infested Cave Nitrogen Core
Asteroids Wart Field Ruined Caverns
Corrupt Asteroids Wasteland Underground Hell Hive
Erchius Asteroids Alien Desert Zen Caves
Gleaming Asteroids Gore Forest Hive
Ice Asteroids Hive Arboreal Underground
Flesh Asteroids Eldritch Forest Spider Nest
Tentacle Asteroids Alien Forest Cell Caves
Slime Asteroids Red Waste Shadow Cave
Haunted Forest
Haunted Graveyard
Hell Hive
Eldritch Field
Icefire Forest
Dark Zone
Tar Pits
Blister Bush Field
Primeval Forest
Irradiated Glade
Bloodstone Woods

Dangers[edit | edit source]

There are relatively few dangers on Penumbra worlds, despite how intimidating they may appear. The atmosphere is warm, but not dangerously hot. You will not need any suit protections to explore one, but mid-tier weapons and armor are recommended. Penumbra worlds are similar in threat levels to Proto Worlds in terms of the hostile wildlife, but there is a lack of deadly weather here. The surface is usually relatively safe, provided you can fend off the less hospitable residents. In terms of hazards, the most noteworthy are the Black Slime blocks (which will poison you when stepped upon) and radioactive stone, which will give you radiation poisoning. Using poison protection can prevent this, and dumping healing water on them can turn them into blue slime that heals you instead. The lack of light is the most dangerous thing you'll encounter here, so be absolutely sure to bring some lights if you plan to dig, lest you fall to your death.

Notable Features[edit | edit source]

The occasional underground deposit of Telebrium, Prisilite and Penumbrite makes visiting a penumbra world even more profitable. Additionally, as of an unspecified update, these worlds can now contain small pools of liquid Aether, which can further your profits if extracted. Sometimes you can start hearing creepy whisper-like sounds that inflict the Insanity debuff; if you hear these, it's advised to hide or use anything that gives Insanity protection.

Possible Weather[edit | edit source]

Mist, Fog, Gravity Rain, Light Gravity Rain, Misty Rain, Acid Rain, Light Acid Rain, and Insanity Pulses.

Wildlife[edit | edit source]

Unique Monsters Critters Bugs
Dusk Anglure
Jumping Spider
Nocturnal Bee
Glowing Ball 1
Glow Worm
Shadow Shell
Penumbral 'Troid
Large Corrupt Fly
Shadow Hound
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