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Penumbrite is an unusual substance that generates light without chemical or radiological processes. It has a very high hardness (Mohs: 8.9) and so is commonly seen in melee weaponry. This is not a metal, but a metalloid. It is one of the two ambitopes of antimony, the other being effigium. This is a sacred item of the nightari race, and is used in everything they make .

Its recipe can be learned under the geology section of research. It will require 600 research and 1 penumbrite ore to learn.

Found on (bold indicates main source[s]):

Penumbral Planets

Gas Giants

Unknown Planets

Super Dense Planets


{feel free to add more if you find them!}


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Industrial Furnace Penumbrite Ore


Penumbrite Shard


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Penumbrite Ore Money Advanced Alloy
Gishinanki Shield Penumbrite Block
Enigma Bow Assault Armor
Hellfire Blade Assault Helmet
Hellfire Knife Assault Greaves
Hellfire Spear Scout Chestpiece
Tek Lance Scout Helm
Ooze Gun Scout Greaves
Poison Gun Penumbra Staff
C-7 Miner Penumbra Wand
Blister Gun
Blister Pistol
Irradium Rifle
Particle Rifle
Particle Cannon
Particle Pistol
Vashta Cutter
Penumbra Staff
Penumbra Wand
Protocite Energy Pack
Assault Armor
Assault Helmet
Assault Greaves
Black Slime Chest
Black Slime Helm
Black Slime Legs
Mutavisk Chestpiece
Mutavisk Helm
Mutavisk Greaves
Scout Chestpiece
Scout Helm
Scout Greaves
Protector Plating
Protector Mask
Protector Robes
Advanced Alloy
Penumbrite Block
Air Blink

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