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An essential non-metallic chemical element.

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

There are no recipes for this item.

Extractor Input Output
Hand Mill 1x Wheat 1x Phosphorus, 3x Research
Extraction Lab 1x Wheat 1x Phosphorus, 3x Research
Extraction Lab Mk. II 1x Wheat 1x Phosphorus, 3x Research
Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Berlinite Money Saltpeter Blood Stone
Lazulite Arm Cannon (Missile) Red Sandstone Block
Advanced Fertilizer Sandstone Block
Methyl Iodide Sandstone Bricks
Banana Seed
Beakseed Seed
Beetle Sprout
Cinnamon Seed
Cocoa Seed
Floralyt Seed
Glowing Mushroom
Garp Berry
Hops Seed
Ighant Seed
Star Mint Seed
Miracle Grass
Nailery Seed
Neonmelon Seed
Niss Seed
Oculemon Seed
Oonforta Seed
Porphis Bulb
Sugarcane Seed
Teratomato Seed
Toxictop Seed
Vextongue Seed
Vorit Seed
Wartweed Seed
Wheat Seed

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