Notice: Renamed from Alien Juice as of v. 5.6.336 .

Description: Strange, milk-like liquid of unknown composition.

Can be found mainly on Strange Sea Planets, but also on Atropus, Crystalline, and Penumbra planets. Can be used instead of Water in Growing Tray or Hydro Tray. Counts as 3 units of water.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Chemistry Lab Water




Nitrogen (N)


Plasmic Fluid


Atmospheric Condenser[edit | edit source]

Can be collected from an Atmospheric Condenser from Proto-World, Penumbra, Strange Sea, and Toxic planets.

Liquid Mixer[edit | edit source]

Also works by dropping one item on another.

Centrifusion[edit | edit source]

Can be used a centrfuge for extraction. For more details, see List of Centrifuge Extractions.

Input Output Rarity
Plasmic Fluid

Research x3

Contaminated Water x3

Silicon x3




Ingredient For Teaches
Potent Mutagene Plasmic Fluid
Advanced Plastic Sporing Kiri Fruit
Sporing Kiri Fruit Alien Juice Lava Lamp 
Alien Juice Lava Lamp
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