Some sort of ancient power source.

Perhaps the biggest and most powerful power source in Frackin' Universe, the Precursor Generator burns rare fuel to generate up to 295W. They can be found in Precursor Dungeons, in precursor minibiomes, and the precursor ruins mission. Currently it can be obtained by destroying tiles under the generator itself.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Precursor Generator's electricity generation per time and fuel item consumption rate depend on the fuel item type. For the reactor to achieve maximum electricity generation, it must heat up to certain thresholds. Each threshold will add additional power to the fuel item power output. The table is as follow,

Heat Threshold (%) Power Output (W)
0 0
1 5
7 15
20 35
40 50
50 75

Thus, the total power output is

Precursor Power Output = Heat Power Output + Fuel Item Power Output

The following table will list the fuel items that the Precursor Generator will accept. The power output from the fuel item will also determine how long it will last in the reactor. Thus, the Crunchy Chick that provides a base power output of 1W will last 1 seconds.

Fuel Source Fuel Power Output (W) /

Fuel Usage Time (Sec)

Maximum Reactor

Power Output (W)

Crunchy Chick 1 76
Poop 4 79
Essentia Obscura 120 195
Ultronium (Ux3) 120 195
Precursor Quantum Fluid 200 275
Precursor Fuel Cell 220 295

Additionally, the generator requires one neutronium and one anti-neutronium to activate. These are not used up as fuel, and only required to be slotted in to make the generator functional. Think key to a lock.

Other info[edit | edit source]

ID of the generator: precursoromegagenerator

If you want to destroy the generator and it is stuck on invulnerable tiles, just keep holding your mouse on it patiently with your manipulator; with full-upgraded master manipulator, the destruction will be done in 30 minutes.

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