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The precursors are an ancient, highly advanced race of mammalian insects.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The precursors generally used a mixture of neutronium, protocite, and metallic hydrogen for their fuels and batteries. To contain these substances (and nullify all negative effects), they used aetherium, tritanium, diamonds, graphene, triangulum and densinium (there is even evidence of limited nocxium, effigium and aluminium usage; however, this is hearsay I cannot yet verify). Other metals show evidence of prehistoric usage; iron, nickel, copper and vanadium are all examples.

As a whole, the precursors are massively augmented with technology of their own making; thus, they were effectively mortal, technological gods. This isn't in much contrast to the elders, who regularly utilized technologies of similar advancement. In fact, one believes that the two races likely got along peacefully for millennia.

The pre-ascendance economy seems to have been based around capitalism-driven slavery and technocratic dominance. Post-ascendance, they seem to have become far kinder, simply ruling worlds through their autonomous governments. This is in very stark contrast to most historical empires, and they were hailed for their generally democratic and peaceful approach to daily matters.

They primarily used advanced, radio-based weapons; this is where the lunari in their technology truly (no pun intended) shines. It can easily focus beams of microwaves and radio waves into orbs, and coalesce ultraviolet into a plasma blade; this is how they came to prominence in the universe.

Underneath their ubiquitous clothing and armors, they are a cyclopean mammal-insect. They are partially sustained by mechanical means, are non-carbon based, are quite radioactive, and can eat minerals and elements as macronutrients directly. This is frighteningly similar to a X'i. Actually, there is a line of thought that the X'i are *directly* related to the precursors.

It is unknown where the precursors originated from. They appear to no longer have any one homeworld.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Any precursors that survived the Deltan Racial War normally display a pervasive and unfathomable xenophobia for any strangers; therefore, it is best to approach them with a shield in your hand and a sword out of sight.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Most books made by this race are scattered on metallic worlds, and (rarely) other obscenely hostile planets. Most detail minor occurrences, or display the details of the racial war.

There is, however, a series of ancient holo-tablets that allegedly details how the elders were discovered, how they struck back, and were finally essentially annihilated; an ancient, tattered grimoire (composed by the elders, supposedly) said to be in the sacred Great Sovereign Temple on Avos; a fabled Avalonian text (made of paper!) that shows how the Avali were molded into what they are today; and unconfirmed reports of several ancient parchments written by (apparently) far better-equipped florans than the ones alive today. Most of this data needs proper investigation, however.

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