Summary Edit

Huge trees, rich soil and somewhat rainy. Primeval Forest worlds are a great source of wood, and are typically safe places to wander thanks to a lack of deadly weather types. They are rich in algae and fossilized bone for your crafting pleasure. Thick, black tar is also common. Huge beasts can sometimes be seen lumbering their way through these prehistoric woods.

Navigation Console Edit

Giant trees are abundant on this primeval forest world. Abundant organic resources detected.

Scanners have detected extremely dense primeval forests on this planet. Reptilian life-signs detected.

Primeval forest planets are early in their life-cycles and rich in organic resources

Notable Features Edit


You can find on these worlds Algae and Fossils. Mutavisk, the source of Mutavisk Silk, can be found here. Also unique to Primeval Forests are redwood trees, a fantastic source of wood. These massive trees are both wider than standard trees and often extend multiple screen-heights vertically.

Weather Edit

Tar rain0.05
Lightning Storm0.1
Glowing rain0.15
Torrential Rain0.15

Subbiomes Edit

You can find these subbiomes on Primeval Forest worlds: Hive, Birch Forest, Alien Forest, Red Waste, Fine Sand, Badlands, Cloud Forest, Rainbow Woods, Swamp, Blood Gulch, Forest, Hell Hive, Eldritch Field, Eldritch Forest, Field of Wheat, Sugarcane Field, Field of Potato, Field of Corn, Field of Grape, Field of Tomato, Coniferous Forest, Flower Forest, Winter Glade, Taiga, Dry Riverbed, Deadwood, Giant Flowers, Forest, Jungle, Savannah, Snow, Tundra, Volcanic