Protocite is one of the biggest 'the f*** is this?!?' things in the universe; this metal liquefies readily at even very low temperatures (>10K) and yet is seen as a solid all over; light and energy are gratuitously thrown off by it; and it is (most importantly) not supposed to exist. By that I mean: it didn't come from our universe. Nobody knows who or what brought this metal here.

Because it generates so much energy, protocite is used in fuel and batteries. These can be (and are) used in ion and plasma weaponry to devastating effect.

When ingested, protocite is a Class XV (Immediately Life-Threatening) cytotoxin and carcinogen. It is highly radioactive and can kill in doses lower than that of polonium; thus, this material is best handled with especial care.

Protocite, due to its high value and toxicity, is rarely used for non-scientific/military purposes. The price of protocite is exorbitant thanks to its main location: highly volatile, mutagenic biomes.

The recipe for Protocite bar can be unlocked in the geology section of research. It will require 600 research and 1 protocite ore.

Found on (bold indicates main source[s]):


Gas Giants

Unknown Planets

{feel free to add more when you find them!}

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Industrial Furnace Protocite


Protocite Bar


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Protocite Money Junker Helm
Harvester Beamgun Junker Greaves
Protocite Bow Junker Chestpiece
Proto Chakram Bounce Sphere
B-97 Miner Energiflower Seed
Energy Lobber Liquid Protocite
Glacial Pistol Protocite Energy Pack
Plasma Pistol Particle Blade
Arm Cannon (Fusion) Particle Grenade
Sentry Pistol Proto Pistol
Sentry Railgun Proto Gun
Sentry Rifle P-7 Miner
Proto Gun Protocite Staff
Proto Pistol Protocite Wand
Protocite Staff
Protocite Wand
Protocite Energy Pack
Speed Scout Visor
Black Slime Chest
Black Slime Helm
Black Slime Legs
Junker Chestpiece
Junker Helm
Junker Greaves
Spacefarer Chest
Spacefarer Helm
Spacefarer Greaves
Steampunk Coat
Steampunk Mask
Steampunk Coat
Invader Armor
Invader Visor
Invader Greaves
Protector Plating
Protector Mask
Protector Robes
Star Master Helm
Immunity I
Advanced Alloy
Quantum Processor
Energy Stores
Liquid Protocite
Protocite Block
Regeneration Matrix
Lava Ceiling Lamp
Magma Light
Air Blink
Stimulant Rig III
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