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The Pyre Vulcan is an incredibly destructive Grenade Launcher. Simply wielding the weapon will slow your character down by 50%. The primary fire is a rapid, explosive projectile with no drop that spawns approximately 0.5 units of Liquid Iron afterwards.

The secondary fire generates a huge molten orb that detonates with incredible force, damaging almost every block on the screen. Common terrain, such as Dirt or Sand, will be broken immediately in a wide swath; stronger terrain will be damaged, but likely regenerate before a second shot can be fired. This molten orb also spawns 15-20 units of Liquid Iron.

Both the primary and secondary fire explosions are capable of changing the composition of blocks into Molten Steel Stone. This typically occurs with background blocks.

While this is a late-game weapon unlock, the Pyre Vulcan becomes an effectively unlimited source of free Liquid Iron.

Unlocked by: Dense Alloy


Armory (Pyre Vulcan x1)[]


itemName: isn_magmavulcan