A naturally hot metal with high durability. Typically found on Infernus worlds.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Fission Furnace Pyreite Ore


Pyreite Bar


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Pyreite Ore Hellfire Bow Hellhammer
Pyreite Axe Hellfire Bow
Hellfire Blade Decimator Skirt
Pyreite Broadsword Decimator Mask
Pyreite Dirk Decimator Armor
Pyreite Hammer Pyreite Dirk
Hellfire Knife Pyreite Shortsword
Molten Sword Pyreite Broadsword
Pyreite Shortsword Pyreite Axe
Hellfire Spear Pyreite Hammer
Pyreite Lance Pyreite Lance
Polaris Pyreite Chestplate
Hellfire Ejector Pyreite Helm
Hellfire Gun Pyreite Greaves
Pyre Vulcan Pyreite Staff
Micro-Rocket Cannon Pyreite Wand
Pyreite Staff
Pyreite Wand
Field Generator
Warrior Chestpiece
Warrior Helm
Warrior Greaves
Decimator Armor
Decimator Mask
Decimator Skirt
Pyreite Chestplate
Pyreite Helm
Pyreite Greaves
War Angel Chest
War Angel Helm
War Angel Greaves
Morphite Manipulator
Zero Burst IV

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