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There are multiple quests in FrackinUniverse. Beginning quests are found from an NPC on your starter planet, a white slug-like being called Vinalisj. Many of the basic quests are found in your Personal Tricorder. Some of these are also available from NPCs in the Science Outpost. There are also additional quests from the Science Outpost that cannot be found in the Tricorder. Other quests to instance dungeons are found from Strange Maps.

Introduction Planet[]

To begin your quest through FU find Vinalisj on your starter Lush planet. Here you will begin the Introduction Quest line.

Finishing this quest will grant you a Personal Tricorder, 3 techs (1 for each slot) and a brochure to the Science Outpost.

Personal Tricorder Quests[]

These are accessed by right-clicking while holding the Personal Tricorder. Note that many of these can be found through both the Science Outpost and the Tricorder. Obtaining the quests in either manner give the same rewards.

Tutorial Tricorder Quests

Build Your Own Ship (if BYOS Ship is selected)

Science Studies

Misc: Scientific Forays

battle quests

To the best of my knowledge, everything below this is completely outdated.

Workstation Quests[]

Alloy Furnace Quests

BioChem Lab Quests

Cloning Lab Quests

Gene Design Lab Quests

Extraction Lab Quests

Fission Furnace Quests

Matter Assembler Quests

Xeno Research Lab Quests

Base Quests Altered by FU[]

  • The Protectorate (all references to graduation removed)
  • Boot Up
  • Getting Started (effectively replaced, autocompletes when you finish the Cavern dungeon)
  • Become Space-worthy
  • Test Drive (Mech replaced)
  • Getting the Ball Rolling (Reward changed to Distorsion Sphere II)
  • The Erchius Mining Facility (It's now optional)

Base Quests Removed by FU[]