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A strange ore that is both mineral and biological.

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

Will show up as Orange/dark orange when scanned with Ore Detector MKIII.

Usually found in Black Star systems.

In screenshot to right of character in the blood crystal.


Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Bio-Chem Lab Blood Crystal


Quietus Ore


Extraction Input Output
Using Furnaces (i.e Arc Smelter or Blast Furnace) Quietus Ore

Quietus Bar

Silicon (Si)

Shadow Gas

Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Blood Crystal Quietus Bar Quietus Bar Blood Diamond
Blood Stone Blood Diamond
Knave's Blade
Assassin's Blade
Rogue's Blade
Mercenary's Blade
Captains's Blade
Knight Blade
Generals Blade
Emperor Blade

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