The Ravalok is a large, colorful, caterpillar-like creature found in tranquil environments. It surveys its Territory, creeping up on prey, spitting at it with its acidic spit and consuming the remains.

Ravalok are found in the _______ planets, _______ biomes, and in the atmosphere of erchiusasteroid, .


If undisturbed, a Ravalok slowly crawls around, barely doing anything. Once it spots prey, it places itself a medium distance away from its target and heaves its mass upward for a moment before shooting a blast of Bio-ooze, which deals _ base poison damage and inflicts the "Oozed" effect upon hit. As far as I know, that's all it does.


I'm not sure if it drops any Items. However, once killed, the Ravalok also explodes into a puddle of Pus, making a noise reminiscent of a fart.

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