"Create a badass flyer from stored nanites"


Description[edit | edit source]

The Reaver is the first craftable flying machine a player can get their hands on. Unlike land or sea vehicles, the Reaver is armed with dual Gauss Rifles on turrets that track the mouse pointer. Keep in mind that turrets have limited angle and can't shoot backwards. The Reaver is lightly armored and made mostly out of advanced plastic so it stands little chance against higher tier enemies.

Reavers have two seats. Passenger in back and pilot in front.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Reavers can be crafted at LV 2 Machining table, the Auto-Assembler. Reaver's recipe is unlocked by obtaining power core for the first time.

Required materials :
Advanced Plastic x250
Power Core x1
Durasteel Bar x40
Gauss Rifle x2

Controls[edit | edit source]

(This section is using default input scheme)

Note : You must be in front seat to pilot the vehicle.

Ascend by holding W. Descend by holding S. Move left or right using A and D. Holding left mouse button fires turret-mounted weapons. You can quickly stop moving by holding Spacebar

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Reaver is unable to fly backwards, unless riding on stored momentum in one direction while turning to face the other.
    • Its Gauss Rifles can only rotate in a limited cone in front of the aircraft.
  • The Reaver is based on the fighter aircraft of the same name from the Planetside 2 videogame, bearing many visual similarities.
    • The description is a further reference to its origin. In the Planetside universe, military vehicles are assembled using nanites.
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