Research is a currency introduced in Update 5.5.0.

It replaces: Nutrient Paste, Tissue Culture, Raw Minerals, Genetic Material, DNA Sample and Mineral Sample.

It is intended to have more use and reduce inventory clutter. It is used in the same manner as the items it replaced and is also currently used to upgrade Mining Lasers at the Mining Bench.

You can check on your current supply of Research by shift-clicking on your Tech Tablet, where it is displayed on the upper-left hand side in addition to Pixels, Ancient Essence, and Madness.

Large amounts of Research can be generated by throwing things into your extractor. Spare blocks are a prime candidate, but so is excess food, seed, and other items.

You can also use personal computers, which generate research.


Research can also be stored in tradeable, stackable discs:

Research Microdisc (500), Research Holodisc (1000), and Research Megadisc (5000)Note: See the somewhat outdated List of Extractable Items (substitute Research Nutrient Paste, Tissue Culture, etc.) or for always up-to-date info, check the Lab Directory in-game. Research can also be harvested in some other ways, including Eyeball Trees, some centrifuged items, and other actions. But primarily, just throw your extra blocks, in chunks of 50, into your Hand Mill / Extraction Lab / Extraction Lab MKII / Quantum Extractor.
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