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Shields can be used to block monster attacks based on the shields health. And will block at least one attack.

Shields in Frackin' Universe become aimable and tracking rather than directional, allowing more precise response to incoming attacks. This makes them suitable for aerial combat and even avoiding traps.

A variety of craftable shields are available in Frackin' Universe. An inexhaustive list is as follows.

Name Tier Shield Health Shield Delay Additional Effects Obtained from
ArCon Shield 6 - - - Armory
Fleshrot Shield 4 Armory
Blister Shield 3 Armory
Aqua Shield 5 Armory
Cute Shield 5 Insanity Immunity Armory
Densinium Shield 5 Armory
Gishinanki Shield 5 Armory
Durasteel Shield 1(?) Anvil
Elder Shield 7 Armory
Queen's Shield 4 Armory
Bony Shield 1 Anvil
Pioneer Shield 2 Armory
Relic Shield 1(?)
Gladiator Shield 2
Hellfire Shield 5 Armory
Iron Shield 1 Anvil
Leather Shield 1 Anvil
Lunari Shield 2 Armory
Warsworn Shield 5 Armory
Battler Shield 4 Armory
Primitive Shield 1 Crafting
Quantum Shield 5 Armory
Reptillian Shield 4 Armory
Titanium Shield 1(?) Anvil
Tritanium Shield 7 Armory
Tungsten Shield 1 Anvil
X10 Shield 4 Armory
Slime Shield Armory
Zerchesium Shield Armory

Other sources of Blocking[]

Apart from shields, there are certain other weapons that possess some form of blocking.

All Magnorbs possess a secondary fire mode that projects a barrier that nullifies incoming damage while draining energy rapidly to remain active. These barriers can only be used when all of the Magnorb's orbiters are with the player.

Certain Broadswords and Spears such as the Carbon Spear and Ferozium Cleaver feature the move Parry as their secondary fire. Activating this triggers a targeted blocking stance that cannot be cancelled or rotated after activation unlike a Shield, but nullifies damage at no cost. As this maneuver has a considerable delay before and after activation, timing and repositioning is particularly important when using Parry in the thick of combat so as to get the most benefit out of the maneuver.

Several Katana such as the Coral Katana instead have the Katana Parry move. Unlike the conventional Parry found on other 2-handed weapons, Katana Parry is much quicker to execute with a lower downtime and duration, making it much easier to use and counterattack with in combat. However, Katana Parry costs Energy to execute(albeit a rather small and insignificant amount). Katana Parry has double the health of the common Parry at 100 HP, and similarly can Perfect Block.

It should be noted that using any of these aforementioned methods of blocking will still drain shield health as well as stalling regeneration of any active shields.