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A crystalline element with many applications, particularly in electronics-related components. This is conveyed with players in the Silicon Valley and Hardware Matters quests.

Can be found via extraction and centrifugation(see lists further below). This material can be harvested from Poe Trees.

Alternatively it can also be bought for 150 pixels at Vindee’s gems in the science outpost

Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Money Poe Tree Stellara Crystal Liquid Erchius Fuel
Tek Lance Graphene Alien Rock Healing Water
Blister Chest II Tek Lance Hexagonal Plating Bio-Ooze
Blister Helm II Mercury Crystal Sand Grav-Liquid
Blister Greaves II Frozen Sand Plasmic Fluid
Graphene Jacket Glass Sand Orange Grav-Liquid
Graphene Helm Glowing Sand
Graphene Leggings Junk Pile
Mark VI Enforcer Helm Meteorite Rock
Resistance Purple Crystal Block
Rainbow Sand
Mercury Fine Sand
Jump Block Red Sand
Speed Block Loose Silt
Cloning Lab Sand
Accelerator Gel Patak Crystal
Low Friction Strip Currentcorn Seed
Propulsion Strip L
Propulsion Strip R
LED Screen
Hi-tech Cupboard
Force Door
Hi-tech Armchair
Solar Array
Wind Turbine
1000u 4v Battery Unit
Solar Panel
Oddball Sphere
Wall Jump II
Stimulant Rig I