A square of soft, lustrous silk

Can be found via extraction (see list further below).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Sewing Machine Silk Fibre




Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Money Advanced Plastic Bracken Tree Seed
Lasher Hook Toga Top Silk Fibre
Superior Bug Net Toga Bottom
Lasher Whip Merchant Top
Type-S Survival Pack Merchant Leggings
Mad Science Jacket Azun Chest
Mad Science Pants Azun Pants
Merchant Top Azun Hood
Merchant Leggings
Toga Top
Toga Bottom
Azun Chest
Azun Hood
Azun Pants
Corsair Breastplate
Corsair Helm
Corsair Leggings
Hoplite Plate
Hoplite Helm
Hoplite Greaves
Light Priest Robes
Light Priest Hood
Light Priest Pants
Raider Armor
Raider Hood
Raider Legs
Siren's Breastplate
Siren's Helm
Siren's Greaves
Reptile Scale Chestpiece
Reptile Scale Head
Reptile Scale Legs
Advanced Plastic
Graphene Nano-Silk
Honeysilk Bandage
Hi-tech Armchair
Hi-tech Bed
Hi-tech Couch
Hi-tech Stool
Hi-tech Armchair
Magma Bed
Insurgent's Jacket
Revolutionary's Jacket
Spy's Jacket
Spy's Hood
Spy's Trousers
Quail Breastplate
Owl Breastplate
Flamingo Chainmail
Flamingo Headdress
Flamingo Skirt
Nomad's Chestguard
Hunter's Chestguard
Cannibal's Chestguard
Cannibal's Mask
Cannibal's Trousers
Knight's Breastplate
Dark Knight's Breastplate
Lancer's Breastplate
Lancer's Helm
Lancer's Greaves
Pioneer's Chestguard
Outrider's Chestpiece
Trailblazer's Chestpiece
Trailblazer's Helm
Trailblazer's Greaves
River Breastplate
Lake Breastplate
Reef Jacket
Reef Helm
Reef Trousers
Outlaw Chest
Sheriff's Vest
Bonesaw's Coat
Bonesaw's Hat
Bonesaw's Slacks
Alien Bed
Bone Coffin Bed
Rainbow Bed
Hive Bed
Prism Bed
Stylish Bed
Steamspring Bed
Durasteel Bed

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