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Solar Towers are used to produce a very large, quick, and infinite supply of Power to various machines found in the mod pack such as the Quantum ExtractorPowder SifterAnsible Network and much more. When provided with the proper amount of light, the Solar Tower produces 12u of power.


Power Station (Solar Tower):[]


While the Solar Tower is in the world, it checks light levels and the environment and adjusts its output every 10 seconds based on the following criteria:

  • If the Solar Tower is underground, submerged in liquid, obstructed by a wall, or in an area with a light level lower than 0.2, it does not produce power.
  • If the Solar Tower is located below y=500, power output is equal to 4.8*light level (full daylight and no artificial light sources produces a light level of 1.0).
  • If the Solar Tower is located between y=500 and y=700, power output is equal to 9.6*light level.
  • If the Solar Tower is located between y=700 and y=900, power output is equal to 14.4*light level.
  • If the Solar Tower is located above y=900, power output is equal to 24*light level.
  • If power output would otherwise be larger than 15u, it is reduced down to 15u.


  • Solar Towers are not capable of outputting their max power unless natural sunlight falls on them. This means all solar is less than ideal within your ship, and you can not cheat the power with artificial light sources. You can however store produced power in batteries, to be used at a later time. This (when combined with batteries) makes them sufficient for powering things you don't intend to use on a constant basis, but not for things that require constant power, such as automated factories, atmospheric generators, or hydro trays. For those applications, you are advised to invest in more constant power sources.
  • If you must use Solar Power, the best place to do so is on an Eden World, where night is not as severe. They will have a period of reduced power, but they'll always produce some of it.
  • In addition to batteries, it is recommended to further pair Solar Power with Wind Turbines as a further backup.

Unlocked by:[]

Solar Array