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All objects that can store items and are added by FU are here

Objects that can store things[]

Object Rarity Price Race
Augment Extractor Legendary 750 generic
Avali Chest Common 50 avali
Avali Footlocker Uncommon 50 avali
Cargo Crate Uncommon 154 generic
Cargo Container Rare 262 generic
Storage Locker Rare 180 avali
Hi-Tech Cupboard Common 120 generic
Hi-Tech Drawers Common 150 generic
Refrigeration Cabinet Common 120 generic
Information Terminal Common 22 avali
Heck Altar Common 125 floran
Heck Chest Common 70 generic
Bot Healing Station Legendary 750 generic
Cloning Lab Essential 500 floran
Chicken Nest Common 100 generic
Incubator Common 100 generic
Capture pod image repair Rare 0 generic
Servitor Loader Rare 0 generic
clock test Essential 0 generic
Item Generator Essential 0 generic
Item Scanner Essential 0 generic
Item Scanner TL Essential 0 generic
Beer Keg Common 1 generic
Crate o' Bottles Common 50 generic
Chicken Feeder Common 110 glitch
Farm Storage Common 110 glitch
Merchant's Cart Common 110 glitch
Storage Cart Common 110 glitch
Food Storage Common 110 glitch
Gold Storage Common 110 glitch
Farm Crate Common 110 glitch
Poison Storage Common 110 glitch
Wooden Kegs Common 110 glitch
Wood Storage Common 110 glitch
Wood Shed Common 110 glitch
Lab Cabinet Uncommon 160 apex
Raptor Nest Uncommon 1000 generic
Gene Storage Chest Uncommon 1000 generic
Dimensional Storage Legendary 12000 generic
Wall Storage Uncommon 1000 generic
Atropus Chest Common 700 generic
Elder Bookcase Rare 550 glitch
Ancient Malign Text Common 1120 generic
Elder Cabinet Rare 500 generic
Elder Chest Rare 700 generic
Ancient Elder Scrolls Common 1120 generic
Honeycomb Locker Uncommon 500 generic
Golden Cabinet Common 750 glitch
Golden Chest Common 500 glitch
Honey Barrel Common 750 glitch
Honey Crystal Chest Common 300 generic
Lab Chest Common 700 generic
Metallic Chest Common 700 generic
Precursor Artifact Legendary 22000 generic
Penumbra Chest Common 700 generic
Precursor Chest Common 700 generic
Proto Chest Common 700 generic
Stone Chest Common 700 generic
Rainforest Chest Common 700 generic
Hi-tech Bookcase Common 1050 generic
Hi-tech Cupboard Common 1125 generic
Hi-tech Cabinet Common 975 generic
Hi-tech 128-slot Safe Common 2000 generic
Incinerator Common 100 generic
Multi-Tether Common 100 generic
Tiny Multi-Tether Common 100 generic
Statue multi-tether Rare 100 generic
Tiny Tether Common 100 generic
Amber Chest Common 0 ancient
Amber Cabinet Common 160 apex
Bamboo Cabinet Common 500 generic
Bamboo Chest Common 500 generic
Magma Cabinet Common 500 generic