"A strange fluid with no true stable state."

Subspace Flux Fluid is a crafting material found as loot in the Precursor Ruins mission. It also can be bought in the Radien Shop in the Science Outpost for x125 Ancient Essence, or made by converting erchius fuel in an Erchius Converter.

Extraction[edit | edit source]

Extractor Input Output
Extraction Lab Subspace Flux Fluid x1 Research x5
Extraction Lab MKII Subspace Flux Fluid x1 Research x5
Quantum Extractor Subspace Flux Fluid x1 Research x5
Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Anti-Neutronium (Nux2) Anulax Battery
Precursor Helm Precursor Charge Module
Precursor Chestplate Neural Processor
Precursor Greaves Precursor Data Drive
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