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There is no harsher place in the universe at present than a Sulphur world. The high winds blow rocks around that can do some serious hurt to you. The pools of boiling hot sulphuric acid aren't incredibly healthy either. A complete lack of air just makes it worse. Nothing lives on sulphur worlds. At least, nothing sane.

Dangers Edit

Aside from the local wildlife, Sulphuric worlds have three primary dangers. Hostile weather scours the surface, pools of Sulphuric Acid lurk below, and the atmosphere itself constantly deals acid damage. Several methods exist to lessen these hazards, however.

Crops such as Whitespine and Crystal Shards provide temporary protection against atmospheric acid damage. Whitespine in particular seems to be commonly found on the surface of Sulphuric worlds, making for a risky but potentially viable survival method. Additionally, any piece of Armor which includes acid protection will have the same effect and also provide immunity to Sulphuric Acid as long as it is equipped. Many of the common types of weather, however, appear to have no countermeasures, making surface exploration dangerous even for the best-equipped adventurers.

The damage gained from weather that causes rocks to blow around seems to be relatively mitigated by having a shield pointed into the direction from where the wind is blowing as the hit the shield instead of you.

Codex description Edit

Sulphuric worlds are extremely dangerous. Airless, acidic, and toxic atmosphere.Abundant cinnabar detected. Recommend: Acid Protection

Sulphuric acid atmosphere detected. Deadly pools of acid and lethal storms lie below in abundance. Recommend: Acid Protection

A deadly sulphuric world. Exploration without protection will prove fatal. Recommend: Sulphuric Acid and Breath protection

Notable FeaturesEdit

You can find on these worlds Cinnabar, Densinium, Sulphur, Lead, Sulphuric Acid, Whitespine.

Possible Weather Edit

Tar Rain, Mild Sulphuric Storms, Sulphuric Storms, Small Meteorites, Large Meteorites.

Wildlife Edit

Sulphur Troll

Sulphuric Ixoling