A square of synthetic material.

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Sewing Machine Carbon




Synthetic Material


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Black Tar Nano-Tether Ghost-Weave Chestpiece
Agent Chest Ghost-Weave Pants
Agent Headset Ghost-Weave Mask
Agent Legs
Geologist's Coat
Geologist's Bright Goggles
Geologist's Slacks
Corrupted Armor
Corrupted Hood
Corrupted Legs
Ghost-Weave Chestpiece
Ghost-Weave Mask
Ghost-Weave Pants
Hunter's Chestpiece
Hunter's Mask
Hunter's Pants
Intersec Breastplate
Intersec Helmet
Intersec Greaves
Monster Plate Chestguard
Monster Plate Helmet
Monster Plate Leggings
Survivor's Chestpiece
Survivor's Mask
Survivor's Pants
Arctic Parka
Arctic Hood
Arctic Snowpants
Legionii Segmentorum
Legionii Helm
Legionii Greaves
Millenion's Coat
Millenion's Helm
Millenion's Greaves
Valkyrie Helm
Valkyrie Hardsuit
Valkyrie Helm
Valkyrie Greaves
Warframe Armor
Warframe Helmet
Warframe Pants
Type-3 Recon Vest
Type-3 Recon Helm
Type-3 Recon Legs
Durable Fishing Rod
Rogue's Chestguard
Rogue's Hood
Rogue's Trousers
Spy's Jacket
Assassin's Chestguard
Peacock Chestplate
Peacock Headdress
Peacock Skirt
Flamingo Chainmail
Phoenix Breastplate
Wiseman's Chestguard
Wiseman's Thinking Hat
Wiseman's Loincloth
Cannibal's Chestguard
Gatherer's Chestpiece
Crusader's Breastplate
Crusader's Helm
Crusader's Greaves
Lancer's Breastplate
Paladin's Breastplate
Vanguard's Flak Jacket
Vanguard's Helm
Vanguard's Trousers
Trailblazer's Chestpiece
Adventurer's Chestguard
Sea Chestguard
Sea Hat
Sea Leggings
Reef Jacket
Ocean Chestguard
Bandito's Poncho
Bandito's Sombrero
Bandito's Pants
Bonesaw's Coat
Varmint's Plate
Nanowrap Bandage

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