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Delta Freya 2 is a very hard mission involving lots of enemies, debuffs, and minibosses. It is generally considered the "Final Level" of Frackin' Universe. The mission is heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter, especially "The Thing" and the short story At the Mountains of Madness.

It can be unlocked by finding the recipe for, and crafting, a Tattered Grimoire which can be unlocked through the Metaphysics research tree by using Madness.

Delta Freya II can then be accessed by using the S.A.I.L console on your ship once the quest "a Missing friend" is obtained from the Science Outpost.

Take Note: This can be a very difficult mission for some if not properly prepared. Take your time while doing the mission and read Every book/Notes you may find. Some books have valuable crafting recipes used at an Elder Altar while others tell you how to proceed to the next area or how to solve the puzzles found within this quest.

The following are notable hints to surviving here:

  • Tier 6 armor +, the mission is rated tier 7+ though.
    • Breath. If your armor of choice does not have breathing built in, you will need to bring either an EPP with it or equip one with a rebreather.
    • 80% cold resistance. Even cold immunity (ie; Sunwalker set, Cold Shield II, etc.) is not enough, regardless of if the player is outside or inside structures. Except for the Arctic Armor Set, made in the Clothing Fabricator. For whatever reason, the mission has a special "Cold 4" planetary hazard, higher than is possible on even the coldest worlds. Stacking many cold resist gear/augments/buffs may work.
  • Very powerful weapons. Be advised however: Some types of weapons are completely ineffective here. Do not rely on a singular type of elemental damage. You will probably die.
    • Among them, a weapon with an explosive attack is essential to get past the first door. Anything from an RPG to the Solus Katana's secondary attack works fine.
  • Food. Unlike a lot of other SAIL-Based missions, you can in fact starve on this mission.
  • A light source, any works. Growing a supply of Oonforta is great for this. The light they emit is rather bright and lasts a long time.
  • Some means to combat Madness and Insanity.
  • Jump and Microsphere capable techs are quite useful.
  • A hook for a cavern you must cross over. (or tech combos)
  • lots of healing, these Elder mobs do ridiculous damage if you are not ready.
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