"Create a submarine from stored nanites"


Description[edit | edit source]

A submarine that is capable of deep sea exploration. Gives the player unlimited supply of oxygen and allows fast movement underwater. This vehicle can only operate in liquid. The vehicle can be spawned on ground, but you will not be able to get in. Can be extremely helpful in searching for Hylotl underwater cities. The Triton is unarmed and basically defenseless but fast enough to simply run from predators.

The vehicle has two seats. Passenger in back and pilot in front

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The vehicle can be crafted at the Auto-Assembler. The recipe is unlocked by opening the Auto-Assembler for first time. Alternatively, the Triton can be purchased at Penguin Pete for 42000 pixels

Required materials :
Material Amount
Advanced Plastic x70
Glass x20
Tungsten Bar x50
Oxygen (O2) x20

Controls[edit | edit source]

(This section is using default input scheme)

The Triton has 2 modes: A "Swim" mode, and a "Dive" mode. When you spawn and get in it, you will start in Swim mode.

Swim mode : By holding A or D, you can quickly move across liquids. Press spacebar to enter Dive mode.

Dive mode : Move in desired direction using W,A,S and D. By pressing spacebar you can quickly rise to water surface and enter Swim mode.

In both modes : Left mouse button turns on/off the build in lights. Right mouse button beeps the sonar. The sonar does nothing but it is nice thing to have, just like horn on hoverbikes.

WARNING : The Triton is only suitable to swim in water. ALL liquids/weather that has a negative effect to the player, will affect the Triton too. A much tougher upgrade is available, the Poseidon sub

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