FrackinUniverse Wiki

Hello! I am Viikoreaux (pronounced Vy-kor-oh). For most of my adult life, I’ve been addicted to gaming, spending 40-90 hours a week playing online video games for nearly 10 years. That all changed in January 2018, when my life turned upside down and I decided I wanted to really and truly live my life. Now more than a year recovered, I’m a writer and entrepreneur with my own business unrelated to gaming. I no longer game online and have vowed never to do so again.

With periods of business downtime on my hands, I’ve decided, with much deliberation, to return to my favorite game, Starbound. Once upon a time, I set it upon myself to make a race mod designed exclusively to work with Frackin Universe. I never finished it, and after I left my gaming life, I destroyed nearly all of my work on it. Now, more mature and more accustomed to the hard work involved in finishing such a grand project, I’ve decided to muse my mind during my periods of business downtime by taking up modding again.

I have always supported Frackin’ Universe and feel as though the Starbound experience is incomplete without FU and FR. To that effect, I am diligently working to improve the Frackin’ wiki while also working to create a race mod that requires FU to use.