Nikgk1215 Nikgk1215 25 May 2019

incoming client package error

so i have a couple mods installed besides this one (black/red manipulator, terramines troll races, xbawks), but whenever i try to open the cockpit interface the game crashes

log file:

Reboot process remains uninitiated.
[20:13:58.953] [Info] Chat: To make use of your S.A.I.L please reboot.
[20:14:12.597] [Info] Chat: Rebooting has shown to improve ship interaction satisfaction levels by 73%.
[20:14:26.296] [Info] Chat: Rebooting requires a conscious entity to interact with the S.A.I.L console.
[20:14:59.168] [Error] WorldServerThread exception caught handling incoming packets for client 1: (MapException) Key 'openCockpitInterface' not found in Map::get()
[0] 7ff7c01f78c3 Star::captureStack
[1] 7ff7c01f664e Star::StarException::StarException
[2] 7ff…

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