The Veilendrex is a massive piscine Creature with spine-like bone protrusions and a fanged lower jaw. It can both swim in Water and fly in the air, but cannot pass through blocks. It appears on Aether Sea planets.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Veilendrex swims around from left to right, always trying to stay close to the floor. When it sees a target, it attacks with a charge, the only attack it knows. It has a base damage value of __ (Shadow Damage). Every time it attacks you, you gain 5 Madness. I guess that makes sense, Imagine how disgusting the inside of its Mouth must look!

Drops[edit | edit source]

Loot dropped from the Veilendrex pulls from the Tidewater Floor Chest treasure pool.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ignore the Blue Pixel, that's just Rain

Size Comparison

Capture pod Image & Description

Professor Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ This creature is categorized as a boss, as such, a large health bar will appear at the bottom of the screen when approached and within range. Given this creature is a night time hunter, and chooses deep, dark liquids as it's lair, the boss health bar, while boasting it's superior power to other creatures, ironically gives away it's highly depended upon method of stealth. Additionally, like the boss that it is, this creature ignores invisibility and can perceive even the most hidden of foes - no use hiding from this ravenous fish.

~ The Veilendrex is uncapturable by default, but you can summon a capturable one with this command /spawnmonster veilendrex 1 '{"capturable":true}

~ Whenever it uses its charge Attack, a line of pixels similar in color to its Tail appears behind it. This is purely visual, though it is a little annoying.

~ Immune to both liquid nitrogen, and poison, the biomes and oceans in which this creature can be found are considerable - able to survive in even the most brutal of environments. Additionally, the Veilendrex possesses immunity to linerifles, acid, and xanafian.

~ Before questioning the ethics in play, and the small containment unit in which this creature is held, I inevitably killed the creature upon completion of my tests. Additionally, I was quite efficient in my testing and so it's stay in such inideal quarters was a short one. ☾


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