Ignore the Blue Pixel, that's just Rain

The Veilendrex is a massive, fishlike Creature with a lot of Spines and large front Teeth. It can both swim in Water and fly in the Air, however it cannot swim through Walls. It appears on ______ planets.

A Boss bar appears when you get close.


The Veilendrex swims around from left to right, always trying to stay close to the floor. When it sees a target, it attacks with a charge, the only attack it knows. It has a base damage value of __ (Shadow Damage). Every time it attacks you, you gain 5 Madness. I guess that makes sense, Imagine how disgusting the inside of its Mouth must look!


Way too many, someone with more time on their hands please catalogue these

Things I've seen include:

Glass Block

Water Balloon



Manipulator Module

Tech Card


- SpawnID: veilendrex

- The Veilendrex is uncapturable by default, but you can summon a capturable one with this command:

/spawnmonster veilendrex 1 '{"capturable":true}

- Whenever it uses its charge Attack, a line of pixels similar in color to its Tail appears behind it. This is purely visual, though it is a little annoying.


Capture pod Image & Description

Size Comparison

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