Summary[edit | edit source]


An upgraded form of a Well. It's a non-powered generator that generates water.

It holds 1200 units of water, which dispense 50 units at a time with a direct 1:1 conversion from Water Unit to Water block itself, and is 4x as efficient (2x in Storage and 2x in Conversion) compared to a well.

While dispensing water, it has a chance to release Algae and Methanol.

Unlocked by crafting a Wooden Water Tower

Optimizing Water Production[edit | edit source]

Its speed is 1 unit of water per second when no other Well/Water Generator is in a 16 tile radius. You can check if another Well/Water Generator is in the decrease range with the Scanning Mode ([N]), by inspecting the Water Generator. If 1 other Well/Water Generator is in this radius, it produces 0.5 water/s. If 2 other ones are in range, it produces 0.33 water/s, etc.

Ideally, they are used while no other one is in range.

Recipe (Foraging Table)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The editor needs clarification for the collection rate of the Water Generator. If the rate is twice the speed of well, efficiency becomes 8x.
  • This Item used to be called "Water Pump"
  • With the default stack size of 1000, the Water Generator may appear to be full at 1000 when it actually has up to 200 more units in reserve. Removing the stack will immediately fill up the first slot with any remaining water the Generator was holding.
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