"Heavily Plated. Hard to kill. Aggressive if stared at."

The Wilt Crab is a strange, almost circular red Crab with lots of plating. I'm not sure where exactly they can be found, but the one I found was at the ocean floor of an Atropus Sea Planet.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When Idle, it just moves back and forth, seemingly always getting stuck on tiny ledges. It has two attacks:

1: It shoots a small amount of Bubbles towards its target, which each have a base damage value of __ (Cold), but do not slow the target down aside from recoil.

2: It charges toward its target at high speed, barely even (If at all) impeded by liquid, dealing __ base damage (Physical).

It appears to always perform attack 1 first, then alternate between 1 and 2.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Professor Luna's Lab Notes[edit | edit source]

~ Ironically enough, while the creature has a 50% resistance to ice damage, it also has a -100% resistance to ice status effects - meaning while the damage it takes will be reduced, it is highly susceptible to being frozen and slowed.

~ Was in no way kidding about getting stuck on tiny ledges. It seems like this creatures hit box expands well below it's actual legs, causing it to get caught on even the tiniest of inclines. Quite comical to observe.

Wilt Crab Luna's Lab.png



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