Zerchesium is a dense metal that endothermically reacts with nitrogen to form zerchesium dinitride, ZeN2. Its melting point is the second highest ever recorded, at 8097 Kelvin.Taking on a pink/bronze sheen when in sunlight, the metal is used for quite literally hundreds of purposes, from simple-but-durable furniture all the way to particle weaponry.

This ambitope of tungsten is normally found in dense, cold places.

Found on (bold indicates main source[s]):

Gas Giants

Mountainous Planets

Super Dense Planets

Infernus Planets

Ice Waste Planets

Unknown Planets

Nitrogen Sea Planets

{feel free to add more when you find them!}

Recipe Edit

Workbench Input Result
Crafted at Bee Refuge Aggressive Queen


Zerchesium Bar


Crafted at Industrial Furnace Zerchesium Ore


Zerchesium Bar


Learn From Ingredient For Teaches Extracted From Centrifuged From
Zerchesium Ore Gladiator Shield Thermal Shell
Harvester Beamgun II Laser Pistol
Translocator Laser Rifle
Carbon Hunting Bow Tesla Gun
Carbon Hatchet Tesla Turret
Zerchesium Axe Scorchburst
Coral Cleaver Silver Sea Blade
Zerchesium Broadsword Hoplite Plate
Carbon Knife Hoplite Helm
Silver Sea Blade Hoplite Greaves
Zerchesium Knife Arm Cannon
Carbon Hammerpick Zerchesium Knife
Zerchesium Mace Zerchesium Blade
Carbon Shortsword Zerchesium Broadsword
Zerchesium Blade Zerchesium Axe
Carbon Spear Zerchesium Spear
Zerchesium Spear Zerchesium Mace
Acid Gun Armor Sphere
C-7 Miner Acid EPP
Scorch Burstgun
XT-4 Crippler
Crippler Machinegun
Sentry Pistol
Sentry Railgun
Sentry Rifle
Gauss Machinegun
Gauss Pistol
Gauss Rifle
Prismatic Cannon
K3 Double-Tap
Longarm Shotgun
Longarm Pistol
Micro-Rocket Launcher
Napalm Launcher
Tesla Gun
Acid EPP
Heating EPP II
Thermal Shell
Bounty Hunter Plate
Bounty Hunter Helm
Bounty Hunter Pants
Hoplite Plate
Hoplite Helm
Hoplite Greaves
Nautilus Chestpiece
Nautilus Helmet
Nautilus Leggings
Feeding III
Regeneration II
Kinetic Field II
Advanced Alloy
Molten Core
Gene Sequencer
Solar Tower
Combustion Generator
Air Dash II
Armor Sphere
Wall Jump II
Stimulant Rig III
Zero Burst II
Tesla's Staff

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